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How to upload, edit or delete blog posts and videos

The use of our #IAWFVoice site is very simple. As a member of public you can see all posts and videos. But to add blog posts (e.g. your opinions and contributions) or videos, you MUST sign-up (one-time only process) and then sign-in as a member.

Sign-up and Sign-in process: When you visit (Not .org), on the top right corner of the page, you will see an option for sign-up or sign-in. You only need to sign-up once. After that, you should always just sign-in. The whole sign-up process takes less than a minute.

Adding blog posts, images, videos and content: After you sign-in the site, you will see a plus (+) sign on the top right corner of the page with the words "Add Content".. Click on it and you will see the form that allows you to add your post or video. Give your content a title and then in the toolbar under the "title" section, choose the icon for the video (to upload a video) or simply write your post message that automatically becomes a blog post.

How to edit or delete blog posts or videos: If you needed to edit your blog post or video, you should initially click on the name of your blog/video to enter that particular blog/video page. Then, on the top right corner of the page, you will see an options for an edit. If you wanted to delete your blog post or video, click on edit and you will see the delete option at the bottom of the page. Hope this short explanation helped.

How to view all your posts in the page: If you can only see 1 particular video or a blog post and not all blog posts or videos, simply click on "All POSTS" right above the blog post or the video. In this case, you will be taken back to where all videos and blog posts are...

If all else failed, please email for further assistance

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